2019 Auction


Unique to this event is an auction of exhibitor-consigned items that features the use of various production equipment. Equipment in past years has included balers, swathers, rakes, bale retrievers, stackers and other large equipment items.

The auction takes place the first day of the show and allows attendees to bid on the use of the equipment for various use periods to see if the equipment will work into their operation. The amount that is bid on the equipment is taken off the purchase price if the producer decides to buy it.

Other items, such as alfalfa seed, preservatives, and services are also auctioned off to allow producers to try various products. The money raised from the auction is used to support NAMA projects throughout the year.

Item Description Courtesy Of
Stinger Cube-Line 4010 Bale Wrapper – 30 days use Stinger Ltd.
8 Rolls Netwrap OR 1 Pallet Twine Synthetic Resources
14 x 54 Hay Tarp Synthetic Resources
6 Units Driver HarvXtra  Alfalfa Seed CROPLAN by Winfield
8 Units Sorghum x Sudan  Seed CROPLAN by Winfield
4 Units Forage Sorghum Seed Seed CROPLAN by Winfield

Item Description Courtesy Of
1 Pallet Twine The Fine Twine Company
Gun Safe The Fine Twine Company


Item Description Courtesy Of
Sickle Assembly – Segmented Sickle Bar for machine of choice Webb Cutting Components
 4 Bags 3400 Hybrid Alfalfa Seed  Buffalo Brand Seeds
 3 Bags 427 TQ Alfalfa Seed America’s Alfalfa


Item Description Courtesy Of
$500 Certificate for any Agri-King Product/Service Agri-King, Inc.
P14 x 60 Performer Hay Tarp w/sq bale kit Spring Creek Ag & Inland Tarp
$250 off any SCAP product Spring Creek Ag & Inland Tarp
3 Hay Knives Pritchett Twine & Netwrap
Pampered Chef Quick Cooker Brian Mumm
Metal Tractor/Baler Shop Sign Jarod Haas


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